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Program Instructions

Congratulations on being accepted into FreeWorld!  ‍ This is a step-by-step guide with written instructions and video. Please follow these steps thoroughly. The faster you complete these steps, the faster you will get your career started.  ‍ Please communicate with us on any challenges that you might be facing. If, at the end of 2 weeks, no meaningful progress has been made, we may decide to remove you from the program for the time being until you are in a better position to focus on getting your license. If you have any questions, please call our Success Team (408-668-3608) or message us on Slack. Slack is typically the best place to reach us.  ‍ If you are working while studying for your permit, please keep your job until you are ready to go to trucking school. We will pay you a total of $1,500 to go to school full time for 4 weeks. We know that it won’t pay for everything, but hopefully this money will keep the lights on until we can get you into an incredible job in the trucking industry.  ‍ We have online classes 5 days a week (Saturday included), so please see the instructions below on how to sign up for online classes.  ‍ Once you earn your permit, you will receive a $100 bonus.

Your Career Starts Now

I hate the word ex-felon. From now on, I will refer to you as Free Agent. How to be successful at FreeWorld:

Step 1: Download and setup Slack

Download and setup Slack. Connect to wifi. Watch the video below to set up your Slack Account. Once you have watched the video and set up your Slack account, please:

Step 2: Download and setup PayPal

This is how we send you money. Connect to wifi. Watch the video below to set up your PayPal Account. ​Once you have watched the video and set up your account, please:

Step 3: Sign up for classes and study for your permit

Connect to wifi. Watch the video above to schedule your classes and to download the CDL A apps. 

If you fail to attend 2 zoom classes that you signed up for without any notice beforehand, you WILL be removed from the program. Please keep communication.

Once you have attended a minimum of 3 classes with FreeWorld, I will pay for and help you get your documents: Birth Certificate, Driver's License, Social Security Card, Proof of Residence. ​If you have all of your documents already, then keep studying.

Getting the money for your permit

We will give you the money and guidance that you need to take your CDL A permit test. ​When you feel comfortable that you can pass the General Knowledge, Combination, and Airbrakes permit test, direct message me on Slack. I will then send you a link to take a pre-test. If you pass all 4, I will send you money to take your permit test.

Getting your permit

Once you have received the money to get your permit, you now need to complete a DOT Physical and take your permit test at the DMV.

DOT Physical​ Tips and Tricks

Once you have passed/failed your DOT physical, send me a direct message on Slack to let me know. 

Permit test tips and tricks

!!If you currently have a job, please continue to work and save up money while you are studying for your permit. We require each student to not work and go to school full-time when you get into trucking school. Get your permit quickly, to get it out of the way, but do not feel pressured to quit your job until you are absolutely sure that the $1,500 stipend we give you while in school will be enough to support you for 30 days while you are in school!!

Pay it forward contract

We will go over the contract together once you have your permit. You are required to sign a Pay It Forward contract if you are looking for us to provide funding for you to go to school.

Trucking School

!!In order to ensure that you earn your license the first time you take your drive test while in trucking school, we are requiring each person to take a leave of absence from work while they are in trucking school. ONLY do this if you feel comfortable that the $1,500 that we give you while in school will sufficiently take care of your needs for 30 days!!



Once you successfully graduated with your license, be sure to pick up your 3-Year DMV record. You will need this when you interview. ​If you would like to order one online, you can do so at this link.


Phone: 408-668-3608 Email: [email protected]